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Board Store is 100% Skateboarder owned & run
We're passionate about Skateboarding and we only sell products we believe in. 
With almost 40 years of skateboarding and skateboard culture behind us, you can be sure you're in safe hands, keen to offer expert help & advice. Visit our High Street shop if you can, we'd love to meet you!
With my Daughter
With my eldest ripper!
I’m a proud Skateboarding Dad and I can remember having skateboards around me since I could walk. Although I bombed my first hill when I was around six years old, I really became a fanatical skateboarder when I was 14. My Dad wouldn’t buy me a skateboard so I made my own from an old disco roller skate and a piece of 8 X 4 timber. Back then the big skateboard ‘fad’ of the 70’s had been and gone and skateboarding as an activity didn’t exist in my limited world. I didn’t see or know of anybody skateboarding, I wasn’t aware of it being on TV or in magazines but I was deeply attracted to the simple freedom of rolling on four wheels and a wooden plank! I didn’t enjoy my home life so skateboarding was the perfect excuse to escape and burn off teenage energy! I soon became friends with the first other person I saw with a skateboard and we’re still best friends now, almost 40 years of skateboarding later!
My Daughter Daisy
My Youngest Ripper!
Skateboarding has given me many of my best experiences and memories, it gave me the most incredible teenage friends and crazy, fun times. I got to travel further and explore more than other kids on my dull Council Estate, Skateboarding unlocked my potential and encouraged creativity as well as introducing me to the most amazing way of life and culture, one that I’m still very proud and excited to be a part of.
Adie hand plant, Bracknell
Since then I’ve run a skateboard shop in Slough called ‘Rampage’ in the late 1980’s, had the infamous Bracknell vert ramp built (sessioned by Tony Hawk and the legendary ‘Bones Brigade’), Competed in the London Arena World Cup in 1989 (blagged my way in and didn’t get very far but it was still a blast!) and been involved in the petition for /design of one other skatepark. I’ve always really been a transition skater but I still enjoy skating anything and everything I can lay my wheels on.
Grab, Longhill
I grew up in the era where as kids, we raided building sites for wood to build ‘fly off’ ramps which we skated during the week before bunking the train on weekend skate missions to Farnborough, Harrow, London: (Royal Oak, Latimer Road, Crouch End, South Bank, Ewer Street) Chingford, Gillingham, Stevenage, Knebworth, The Level / Brighton, Morfa Swansea, Hastings, Crawley, Southsea….  And since then, many more. I’ve never stopped skateboarding and collecting injuries and I never will. I’m a signed up, life member!
With Tony Hawk & Kevin Staab. Encinitas YMACA, California.
With Tony Hawk & Kevin Staab, California
If you or your partner/ child are new to skateboarding, you can be confident you’ll be made very welcome and offered the best advice from a experienced, passionate skateboarder who will be happy to answer all your questions and point you in the right direction (as well as lecture you on safety!).
Lein to tail, Wokingham
If you’re already a shredder, I can’t wait to meet and session with you one day..
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